I would like to create a reporting template that contains standard report items that are generated from pre-saved (1) csv data (2) videos, (3) images. I've read through many different Python packages each appearing to handle one or two of these but I've not found a good reporting option for them all.

I will likely need to do some analysis with the data before reporting so I'm thinking Python, pandas, maybe Bokeh or matplotlib for the data visualisation and opencv for the video but if I want to do something more complex than just vertical scrolling for the reporting e.g. side by side videos, images, then this is where I'm struggling.

I know about reportlab but this only creates to PDF. I suppose I'm wanting something like HTML so the videos can be viewed and the Bokeh plots interacted with. Is this what jinja2 does? Any other ideas?

Other non-essentials: If possible it would be great if this allowed free text comments to be added by the user and export to PDF for them to print.

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