I'm looking for some starting help on this project I'm working on.

My Background: I am a Math Major finishing my Masters this year but have Computer Science as my minor. I'd say I have 3-4 semesters of college CS experience but that's rather unpractical where I study. Most of my assignments were theoretical and programming, frankly, didn't go beyond manipulating text files. Now to my question:

Setting: I have structural information about a process stored in a .json file. I have used GSON to filter the .json for critical information and built a new JsonTree containing everything I need. The process is divided into different stages with these stages containing specific stations which themselves contain critical information (e.g. name, type, etc.)

From this .json file I want to:

  • Create a directed graph visualizing said process (with each node representing a station)
  • Added functionality that the nodes reveal information I assign them on click / on hover.

Can anybody pinpoint me where to start?

Kind regards, I'm here for any follow up questions if someone wants to help me out.

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