Here in the company, we need to make online documentation available for several users. Currently, our little documentation is created in MS Word and made available to users in PDF format, but we need to start it online so that new updates do not have to be sent to all users or that they have to do download a repository whenever an update is available.

It was a great advantage that it had integration and that it allowed to define accesses according to the groups and users of the Active Directory. This way users could authenticate with the same credentials they already use.

I really like the Snipe-IT documentation framework (https://snipe-it.readme.io/docs). I know that it is based on readme.io and that, therefore, I can also have it, however, we are looking for something free and only if we do not find anything free that serves, we will proceed with something paid.

I am very inclined to Sharepoint, however, have already been lost a few hours trying to set it up, without noticeable advances.

What we want is something very simple, with main categories (which basically correspond to our main systems) and within those main categories, which have topics and subtopics and, of course, that allows to include links to external sites and internal pages, images, formatting of text, etc.

I would like to know your recommendations for this type of platforms.

Thank you.

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