In the company I work for, we want to have a database where we store information about every device we produce. We make different hardware devices (about 10k per year maybe). Each device is tested after production. The test checks voltage Levels etc. and checks some other data. Every device has a unique ID that is also collected. Right now, a worker just checks that everything is okay, and marks that device as checked. Now we want to keep the Information from every test, so we need a database or logging system that saves all this collected data. I imagine that like a mongoDB or similar, saving a JSON for every device checked.

The logs might be appended later, if a device comes back for repair or similar, and also binary files should be stored. Ideally the data can be send to this system via REST-Commands. Also, later workers need a visual tool to get information about one or more devices (Note that these works usually can not formulate a SQL-like queries, so they need some input masks with option menus to find what they need), and to append logs after repair etc.

Now, I could build that probably with a mongoDB, some Webserver with a REST interface plus some custom build Web-UI, but I think that this is kind of a typical application, so I would guess there are already some ready-to-use systems on the market. However, I couldn’t find any by searching the web. Maybe I am missing the right phrases for an effective search.

Maybe someone knows what kind of software I am looking for?

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