I will create a web application with React + Axios for client side. When I was thinking about which is the best option for the server side, in principle I thought that the best option was Java + GlassFish + RESTful, which is what I have always done in these cases.

But this time I have included as an option Python, for a matter of future licenses. I have no experience with Python, but I see two problems: 1) The code is much more "visible" than the Java bytecode when creating a web service. It is very important for me that the code is not accessible to hosting services (otherwise, I could have considered using PHP). 2) Fewer options for hosting services. 3) Lower performance, according to the information I have collected. Also fewer persistence libraries, and those available are less powerful.

Do you know if it is possible to create Python-based services that can run on a hosting server, where reverse engineering is difficult? Do you know if there are hosting offers compatible with Python in its entirety? Are those hosting servers compatible with the Python bytecode or is it necessary to deliver the code without compiling? Are the ORM for Python as powerful as Hibernate?

Thank you.

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