I am currently defining integration strategy for my company and evaluating different technology stack. Just to highlight, we are a fintech company and focused a lot on financial sector. We have digital banking solution and are looking forward for decoupling integrations from our digital offering so that we can do integration on site without engaging our off-shore team. Some of the key highlights of the integration solution should be:

  1. Based on micrservices achitecture
  2. Based on opensource technology so that we can built our solution without putting extra burden on the customer.
  3. Solution should support Any to Any integration scenarios.
  4. Should be extremely robust and easily manageable
  5. Should be able to interface with MOM like ActiveMQ, RabitMQ, Kafka, WebSphere MQ.
  6. Have the capability to connect to Redis, Vaults and etc.
  7. Allows us to easily consume and / or expose services.

Appreciate if you guys can please share your experience on the same and suggest best technology stack which suites the requirements.

Thanks in advance.

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