I have 2,000 html files. Each has only text information and no images. Each file is a text article..It can be saved as text file or paste as text content in any application.

I want to search them all with index or via any means locally for a particular keyword.

Looking or a type-ahead search which does the full text search i.e search inside of all the html pages and returns back the results with easy navigation and preview

  1. No of search results before hitting search
  2. Easy Navigation of results
  3. Preview of the word in the exact content


Folio Views https://img.informer.com/screenshots/568/568140_1_4.png and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0U_fNIcudyQ

Please let me know which one would be suitable for this. This is for standalone HTML content or Static Content. It should be Platform Independent and preferably Open-Source. Commercial is also fine if lesser cost.

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