The requirement is to create a platform where we can schedule calendar events. Most part of the platform is in Java(Spring boot etc), but language is not a barrier.

After my research Got two promising solutions

  1. Quartz Scheduler : This is the recommended industry standard for scheduling jobs in java . But there are some disadvantages as well like:
    • No out of the box support for multiple execution nodes (pooling or clustering)
    • No adminstration UI that allows all job scheduling and configuration to be done outside of code
    • No monitoring
    • No alerts
    • Insufficient mechanisms for dealing with errors/failures and recovery.

Due to No out of the box support for multiple execution nodes scaling could be a bottle neck.

  1. Using AWS cloudwatch : Basically scheduling jobs in cloudwatch and trigger the event in the sqs. This is solve the scaling problem with some addition of cost factor.

Now my question is there any other alternatives libraries that I can look into in Java or any other language.

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