I have a virtual disk image file os9000-xibase.img and Windows can't read it nor mount it.

With ImDisk Virtual Disk, I'm able to mount it, but not read it, because it is a Random Block File-system disk-image of 'Microware os-9 (which is now maintained by Radisys)'.

I was wondering if there was any tool available to make RBF discs/diskettes readable in a file-manager like windows explorer.

I found 2 tools: OS9Max, but that is trough a terminal and costs money.

The other tool I found was for Linux 2.6, but I didn't get it to compile, can somebody else get it to work?

Does anyone know an explorer-like tool, to help me view the contents of this RBF Image?

I Re-Posted this on SuperUser and on AskUbuntu.

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