I am looking for a checklist app. For example, in preparation for going to the gym, I want to go through my gym prep list and check all the items that I need.

It should be very easy to repeat these checklists. Starting a list should be one tap and once I checked all the items the list should be completed. When I want to use the list again I want to find it all unchecked.

I dont need a todo list with a thousand features for adding and organizing new tasks, timers, GPS and what not. I do not often modify these lists. I bought an expensive to-do app and now I need to manually uncheck items to simulate the checklist behaviour.

Is there anything that does this? Ideally for iOS and Mac.

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    just one little hint: i would look for shopping list apps... they have pretty much the workflow you described. – DJCrashdummy Apr 18 at 9:29

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