I'm searching for a document scanner SDK for mobile (iOS and Android) that is capable of detecting the edges of a document and then auto-crop it. I know a few licensed SDKs like Scanbot, but is there any open source option?

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Take a look at this blog post which shows you how to "Build a Kick-Ass Mobile Document Scanner in Just 5 Minutes".

The tool chain being python and OpenCV.

  • Detect Document Edges
  • Rotate and correct perspective
  • Crop
  • All Free, Gratis & Open Source.
  • Thanks, I had that already, but that won't run on mobile. We have to create the app an translate the Python code to Java/Swift and find similar libraries. Using that code as a backend service isn't an option. Anyway, it doesn't look easy.
    – Rafael
    Apr 17, 2019 at 20:31
  • @Rafael OpenCV runs on mobile and for your own use there are python environments available on mobiles - a good possibility is Kivy - kivy.org/#home Apr 18, 2019 at 4:50
  • I understand. But I already have the two mobile apps, for the two platforms. I'm just adding functionality and Kivy isn't something very popular. If that same code was implemented in Java + OpenCV, then ok. I will probably invest on that and code that solution in Java/Kotlin and Swift.
    – Rafael
    Apr 18, 2019 at 14:22

The answer in this link would work for your use case as well and is used in a Xamarin application: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60828712/crop-image-with-multiple-x-and-y-points-c-sharp/64861791#64861791

private RasterImage DetectAndDeskew(RasterImage image)
   DetectDocumentCommand detectDocumentCommand = new DetectDocumentCommand();

   if (detectDocumentCommand.DocumentArea == null)
      Console.WriteLine("No document detected");
      return null;

   KeyStoneCommand command = new KeyStoneCommand(detectDocumentCommand.DocumentArea);

   image = command.TransformedImage;
   return image;

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