Looking for a personal finance tool with the following must-haves:

  • Auto integration for cash accounts and investments.
  • Auto categorization of cash activity.
  • Virtual accounts/envelopes - as in the ability to sequester money in a single real account into several virtual accounts.
  • Free as in beer (for any number of accounts).
  • Reputable.

May be Windows desktop, web, or Android app based, and I don't mind ads.

I have checked responses to Gratis personal finance manager and Desktop software to manage my finances with virtual accounts, but these aren't good matches.

Essentially, the ideal tool would be a Personal Capital with virtual accounts.

Have already looked into many solutions, but they are not fits for the following primary reasons ...

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    Personal sensitive data IMHO don't go well with ads/trackers, and I'd especially not put them on a mobile device – but no morales here: for Android, be welcome to check with my corresponding app listing. Can't give a straight recommendation as for reasons mentioned I'm not using any ;) Good luck, and feel free to answer your own question if you find something! – Izzy Apr 17 '19 at 18:17
  • By “automatic,” do you mean that you require the software to automatically download transactions from your bank? – Ben Miller - Remember Monica Apr 17 '19 at 18:28
  • @BenMiller yeah, for instance, it automatically queries accounts on a schedule or when the user logs in to it. – M. Thompson Apr 17 '19 at 20:17
  • @M.Thompson That’s a feature not typically found in gratis products, as it is an ongoing service and requires some work to maintain compatibility with ever-changing bank systems. – Ben Miller - Remember Monica Apr 17 '19 at 20:38
  • Sure, I certainly understand that developers need compensation, which is why I accept alternative modes of revenue generation, like ads (as Mint does) or other services (like investment advice for Personal Capital). – M. Thompson Apr 17 '19 at 22:44

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