For some time I been searching for a task runner with watch capabilities.

My needs are: watch one or multiple folders for save events and in sequence run:

  • some bash command
  • another bash command
  • npm run-script something
  • some other cli tool like go run main.go/python mypyfile.py

My real life workflow now is:

  • This project has a .sh file that generate an zip output so I need ./my-file.sh parameter
  • mv the file to another folder
  • my golang software will consume this zip.
  • need to run the console version of lessc on some files
  • run a python program

Some steps of this workflow are legacy; I don't have alternatives for those.

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    Please mention your OS (tag). And my guess is you want something free ([gratis] tag). Please read this and edit your question. – user416 Apr 17 '19 at 15:15

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