I have an UWP app (C#) and i want their users have to authenticate in the cloud. Also, I need to enable/disable access to these users arbitrarily. I' ve tried Azure AD and I get good results but I want to check other alternatives. Basically, I need:

  • let users register to the app with any email

  • authenticate users

  • authorize access to app

Do you know options to Azure AD?


Finally I've tried Auth0 (https://auth0.com/). All authentication activities required are met. Also, you can manage accounts trough Auth0 API Management. Free version let you authenticate users (you can add 2 social networks) and define attributes to users. Email customization is allowed (paid subscription) Definitely it works fine!

  • Thanks for self-answering! Unfortunately, this post does not contain enough information to be considered an answer. Please read our discussion on what makes an answer high quality to see if you can incorporate some of these improvements into your answer. Especially missing: where to find Auth0, and how does it meet your requirements? – Izzy May 5 at 0:18

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