I'd like to add a talking face to my video tutorial.

I've found xface but its install instructions are windows only (though it is wxWidgets based, maybe debian instructions can be written). I've found talkbots but not sure where is its downloads section. I have found botlibre, but not sure how to install it (without proproetary 'desktop' version) locally.

I'm using debian, anything libre that works on a Linux would be great to have. I am looking for free (libre) solutions only.

Are you looking for a library to include with your application code? Or about a ready-to-use application that produces some "Max Headroom" face?

Ready to use application. It should have a 'transcript' though: what usually goes in subtitles (i.e. "speak slower", "speak faster and sad", "make a surprised face expression", "say hello world", "turn right" etc).

What kind of workflow should be involved then (as you somehow want to use your own material, and not just download a ready-to-view video)?

Yes make my own material.

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