For years, going on decades, I have been looking for a utility that would convert large HTML files to MS Word documents with an emphasis on usability and reasonable file size rather than perfect rendering.

The obvious first thing to try is to just open the HTML file in Word and save as in .docx format, but this method tends to take a very long time and yield crazy huge mega-bloated Word documents if the HTML file was large.

Lots of third party converters exist, but they tend to also produce crazy huge bloated output files. For example, a HTML doc of about 1MB, which would yield a Word doc of about 400K if you patiently cut and paste it into Word to look more or less the same, comes out 4-8 MB in every converter. The converted files are so large they are extremely difficult to work with, and impossible to hand off to a client who doesn't expect to deal with such a hassle.

The converted files are obviously bloated because they try to exactly replicate the look and feel of the original HTML, and a smaller file would lose some of that. Yes, that is what I want -- emphasis on a usable file rather than perfect rendering.

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