I have a requirement where I have to publish business metrics (like product viewed, added to cart, bought etc) and create realtime alarms on the same.

The nuance in the requirement is that the reference threshold value for setting the alarm off is an average of past 3 months value.

Sample usecase: Trigger an alarm if number of views on a product is less than 10% of the average number of views in same day of week and same hour of day in past three months

Ex -

Eval Period: Wednesday, 10th April 2019 [1000 - 1100 hrs]

Reference: All Wednesday [1000 - 1100 hrs] starting from 9th January 2019 until 3rd April 2019

Trigger Condition: Sum(Eval) < (.9 * Avg(Sum(Ref)))

Please let me know what monitoring services are available which supports these kind of business metrics alarming using historic data upto an year.

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