I am hoping to design a site used for adding clients (usually about 15 a day) in a speedy and user friendly way. The site will run on a local intranet and won't be open to the outside world so SEO is not a need but security is crucial. The database behind the site will hold each client's file individually and be readily searchable to find the client you are looking for, and could be searched through a number of the fields present in the client file. It will collect information like Name, DOB, inputs from drop-down selection and a few other fields with free-text input. I would also like to generate reports to print / save as a PDF the files of clients returned from a search result.

The site will be used by non-tech savvy people and I won't be around to support and maintain so the back end should be fairly straightforward.

I am not an IT person myself but gained some experience with Drupal about 10 years ago (minimal coding, mainly using the extra modules)

I am wondering if, 10 years on, Drupal would be a good way to go with this? I don't know how it has changed over that time or if there are some new players in the game.

Wordpress is appealing as the backend and maintenance is quite user friendly however I feel it is more optimized for internet facing sites? Please correct me if I am wrong! I've looked into it a little and wondered if the Visual Form Builder plugin would be appropriate? I only want registered users to be able to complete forms / create records, and the records need to absolutely remain within the site's database.

Do you have any recommendations for where I should focus my reading? Many thanks!

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