The application is installed on the iPhone, iPad. It sends both HTTP/HTTPS requests and TCP/UDP requests. Wi-Fi point configured on a Windows laptop. Iphone/Ipad connected to the Internet through this point.

  1. Wireshark shows only the hosts to which the request from the application goes. But the message body is encrypted and therefore cannot be viewed. Wireshark does not provide a MITM certificate.
  2. Burp Suite allows to install a certificate on iPhone/iPad and pass all traffic through Burp. But it only shows HTTP/HTTPS requests. But I also need to catch TCP/UDP requests and view their body.
  3. Charles proxy allows you to install your certificate, just like Burp, but just like Burp, it only catches HTTP/HTTPS connections. It also shows forwarded socket:// requests, but doesn't show their body.

Please recommend any Windows (more preferred option) or MacOS software that shows TCP/UDP connections with the decrypted body of these requests?

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