I am working on a UWP app for which I intend to make use of deep linking to navigate to targets (pages) within the app. The types of navigation I intend to use include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Navigation to internal targets using deep links received via an app launch using a custom URI scheme
  • Navigation to pages on tab controls
  • Navigation to nested targets (a page within a page)
  • Navigation to (selection of) list items using URI query parameters (or similar)

Until recently, I had been using the Prism project's support for UWP apps (v7) that comes with Prism's own navigation service that does pretty much everything I want. Unfortunately, the Prism team pulled all packages related to UWP support (v7) without warning about a month ago, so I now find myself looking for a suitable replacement.

I found the Uno project on NuGet that has a fork of Prism, but this is in preview and there are some features they don't yet support that I'll probably end up using. I am also aware of some other projects like Template10 that claim to have navigation features, but they've tended to be either unsupported or to only support "shallow" linking.

So far, it is looking like I'll either have to incorporate Prism UWP source code into my app (rather than using packages) from before UWP support was pulled, or to create my own navigation framework specifically for this project. Are there any other options out there I should consider?

Caveat: I am aware that Prism also has support for Xamarin Forms, which supports UWP apps and has a navigation service with deep-linking. I am not interested in adding (Prism for) Xamarin Forms to this project as it is pure, native Windows UWP and I don't want to have to deal with the indirection and overhead that adding Xamarin Forms would require.

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