I'm looking for recommendations for a platform that will enable administering educational mini quizzes. I'm not a developer and looking to hire a freelancer. The mini quizzes will be self-contained html/css/js widgets that will be developed independently and plugged in into the platform using some kind of lightweight framework/CMS. After a considerable search I have excluded using an existing LMS. One idea is to build a custom WordPress plugin. Some ideas/considerations are:

  • The system should be able to record user results, ideally to use xAPI specifications
  • an app could be good solution but I understand building apps is very expensive while my budget is limited to about 6-7k.
  • Im envisioning having hundreds of widgets so need to maintain a widget registry with abilities to categorize, filter, group, tag etc.
  • very interested in a Progressive Web App solution. Build a WP custom plugin then convert to a PWA? Or build a PWA from ground up?

Any recommendations?

  • OK as a 20 year LMS admin, I have to say don't try to "plug in" to another system. They are all different, it will not be a good experience for your devs, support folk, or the faculty and students (and poor LMS admins). What you want to do is host the content yourself, and use LTI to handle the pass off of userinfo, etc. to your customers, and grade or statistical information back to the calling LMS. imsglobal.org/basic-overview-how-lti-works – ivanivan Apr 12 '19 at 2:00

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