I need to automate a dashboard with graphs and tables, is there any automation tool to automate Dashboard of a website. selenium and UFT cannot be used.

  • Could you elaborate on the reasons for the exclusion of particular tools? There are many web testing tools (like my company's Squish for Web GUI Tester) but you seem to have specific requirements. Is the graphs and tables that you consider to be the main challenge? – Harri Apr 12 at 16:37
  • @Harri ...i want to know if some specific tool is available that can be used to automate the dashboard .UFT is excluded but selenium is can be used if no other tool is available.frequent change in graph is the main concern ,i have to automate and compare the changing data behind the graph. – Fumble_Riddle Apr 12 at 20:47
  • If your goal is to compare the changing data behind the graph, perhaps it would be best to test at a different layer? You can confirm that the data is updating as you expect it to using a tool such as PostMan/JMeter/SoapUI or one with Java such as RestAssured This should be where the bulk of your automated testing should be (Usual quicker tests speel). Selenium should be able to do the rest, but this would allow you to focus less on the data changing, and more on, DOES the graph change. Perhaps stubbing to try min/maxes then combining it with Sikuli if absolutely needed? – Doey Jul 2 at 14:53

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