I want an app that will generate a list of what apps I have installed, in a manner I can save to a file or send in email.

I've looked at an assortment. I have two at the moment - one freeware, and one open source. Both list my apps, but only those installed via standard add/remove operations. They do not list apps installed as system apps. Since vendors tend to preinstall some applications as system apps, this is a problem. (The tablet I'm currently configuring bundles Google Chrome as the default browser, and installs it as a system app. My app listers don't see it.)

Can anyone recommend an app lister that includes system apps in the list?

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I subsequently got a recommendation elsewhere for an app called My Apps (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spencerstudios.applist) that does what I need. I just need to generate a list of apps on my device that can go to a file and be processed elsewhere. My Apps both shares to my installed text editor, and can save to my Google Drive.

@Nino Filiu: I appreciate the pointers, and will keep them for future reference. AppBrain and ShareMyApp both do more than needed. ListMyApps didn't have an open to include system files that I could find.


AppBrain is an Android app available on the PlayStore that lets you export such a list, and so does ShareMyApp. ListMyApps too but it seems to be more oriented for the tech-savvy ones out there.

If you're running an emulator, the pm list packages does the job. You can also run it via ADB so that you can extract your actual phone apps from your computer's command line: adb shell pm list packages > installed_packages.txt.

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