I have never used Wordpress before.

I have always turned it down because I thought it would be hard to add new custom functionality to it. Is this true?

I know mostly Javascript. I have learned some PHP at some point but never used it.

For example:

I'm building an Amazon affiliate links website, but a more complex one. I don't want to simply write blog posts with affiliate links in it. I want to scrape and save translated product details (because I'll be using Amazon from a neighbor country), I want to scrape for user images of those products, etc.

What I need on my website:

  • Custom code to scrape amazon on demand (admin page) and get product details in foreign language, so that I can translate it and save the details to the website database (this will run inside an admin section), and also scrape for user images of the products that I can save to my database.

  • Custom code to go to amazon and scrape and update the prices of the products that have been saved to the database. This should be run automatically on a daily basis.

I don't want to rewrite my code on Wordpress. Those codes are running on a Firebase cloud function and they save all the data inside a Firebase Firestore database.


The fact is that Google Firestore has a PHP client. So I think I'll be able to connect to it somehow from my Wordpres project and read that data and save it to my Wordpress database. Is that possible? Should I build a plugin for that? How would it work?


Once question 1 is solved and all that data is now inside my Wordpress database. How easy it is to build custom template pages to use that data making use a good Wordpress theme like Divi from Elegant Themes, for example?

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