I've a project in mind where I have a python machine learning model made by sci-kit learn being executed by a python script, and I need to do the execution regularly on a server, and receiving inputs by either grabbing them from a file, or something like an automatic command line or a command in JS, not sure (Do something like these exist?)

In any case, I have a confusion. Assuming I've already made a script with the model, what would be my next steps? Do I:

  • Learn a web framework like Django?
  • Do a CGI to my python script?

In both cases, how would it work? From what I could tell, in most examples of CGI for Python, it just simply seemed like HTML rewritten inside print statements, as in no processing. And regarding a web framework, processing didn't seem like it was on the list of things a Web Framework does (I googled what a web framework was).

If you can answer these questions, I'll be really glad, and another thing, new suggestions is good also. Thank you very much.

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