Facebook allows interaction with the platform from other apps. You can "like" a game from inside the game, without going to the Facebook app or website. Games integrate this using an SDK, because while the API (e.g. facebook.com/like/<gameID>) might change, the method in their SDK (showLikeButton(<gameID>)) is much more stable.

If you include the official Facebook SDK, you are sure to get long-term support, the latest features, few bugs, it's easier to use than the raw APIs, etc. In return, Facebook tracks everyone and their mother. Just by including the SDK and allowing people to log in, even if nobody uses it, the software collects data about the users and sends it to the mothership.

An additional downside is that there are thousands of methods in the Facebook SDK, which all count towards the 65 000 methods limit of Android.

What I'm looking for is an alternative. It shouldn't be that much work but my boss doesn't want to spend the time on upkeep, bugfixing and security testing. However, I can't find any third party SDK for Facebook using Github, DuckDuckGo, and Google (I'm probably using the wrong search keywords), not even for the most basic features (we only really need logging in and getting basic profile info).

Does anyone know of a third party implementation?

If it also supports iOS that's great, but Android is the main target.

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