I will try to explain this the best i can, but if i missed anything i will responed the as clear as i can but please bare in mind this is work related question so there might be something i can't answer due to confidentiality.

Here goes, At present we keep a record of the stuff we produce on a daily basis..for traceability..this information is is in paper form, i.e. i have made a template on excel and then there are spaces for the staff to write Time, Date, Product Code, Batch Number, start and last id number (of product), details of the raw materials, pump calibrations...and bits of other information.

We are hoping there is way to digtize this, but i need to take away any responsability from the production staff. i was thinking of locking the cells so that they cant be changed and only allowing editable cells, this would be fine but when it comes to saving the document it has to be a new or save as, because we need to keep each sheet for audits etc.

These documents/files will be saved to a server and then maybe accssed by a customer so therefore they may search by batch number for example, what would need is for the staff to be able to save a new document each time (PDF) and to auto generate the file name. Our customers will ask questions like..whats stopping the staff clicking save and overwriting a pre-exsisting file? or changing the file name by accident or even on purpose?

I'm either after a way to make sure excel will always save a new file with an auto generated name in PDF or maybe a different program which will do the same but also record the same records that we keep at the moment..which after looking i cant seem to find.

Hopefully someone here will have some good ideas, if i come back with callenges i do apologies i not trying to be difficult this just has to work a curtain way.

Thanks guys

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