A friend and I are looking to work on a web application together. However, we require a program that will allow both of us to work on the application in real time and with independent control.

I looked into Atoms teletype. However, only one user can be doing something at a time and can view the entire project.


  • Both parties are able to see the entire project structure and layout.
  • Have their own control
  • Real-time viewing and editing

Thank you for any assistance.


If you want real-time collaborative editing you might look into Gobby (https://gobby.github.io/). It's not an IDE, or a version control system, but if multiple people really have to be editing the same file at the same time, it works well.

  • I'll check it out thank you.
    – jhadd24
    Apr 11 '19 at 1:32

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