Need a tool to do code coverage for "Python web application" using java-Selenium test script like Clover for java based web application.

My application is: Python My selenium test scripts: 27,000 plus "Java-Selenium" test scripts

My goal: I want to find code coverage for these 27000 test scripts on my pyhton application so that I will come to know how much % of the code has been covered using 27k+ test scripts. And also, duplicates test scripts can be identified with this result.

I know "Coverage.py" tool, but this tool is designed for python programs and not for a web application - java test scripts. I can't get the coverage for my 27k+ java-selenium test scripts.

  • I saw your question on the Testing In Python list, but it's not clear what you have. Re-word your question. What language is the application in? What language are the tests in? Are you trying to measure the coverage of the application, or of the tests? – Ned Batchelder Apr 9 at 10:44

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