im currently an intern company and im looking for a specific programm but i cant find anything that is capable of our needs. We need Software that starts a batch, installs two(or more) programms and then starts another batch. The order of which the programms are installed is important and cannot be changed and they are written by our company, published with visual studio 2017. Another problem : they want it to be open source / free to use for companys. Furthermore they want the programm to update the installed software everytime they publish a new version with visual studio. And last but not least : the installs should be one-click / silent - the less interaktion with the IT-Stuff the better it is. What i tried so far : * Writing a own batch that calls the wanted batch and the .exe from the programms but it failed when i had to except multible eula´s and other stuff even if i tried to go with ALLOW=YES and stuff like that * Used Inno-Setup but there were some problems when it tried to install our "home-made" software * looking for other Software but couldnt find anything that was capable of what we need

Do you guys have an idea how i can solve my problem? I can code in c# (not like crazy but its fine), so if you have any ideas for own code - let me know!

Sry for my english and thanks for any help/advice!

  • You can use Ninite or Chocolatey – onurcano Apr 9 '19 at 6:18
  • Hi, i think Ninite and Chocolatey work with a library of programms and you cant add your custom made ones. – Widdle Apr 9 '19 at 6:28

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