I have a raspberry PI3 which on I run windows 10 IOT. I would like to create a GUI that will be use to watch and manipulate some data into a PLC over ethernet/ip. The GUI will be accessible from a local touch panel.

All the stuffs I need to do :

  • Send E-mails on particular events
  • Remote access for users to that GUI
  • User privileges
  • Remote access for maintenance, update and troubleshooting (VPN)
  • Data logging (can be local, but must be able to share it)

I hope to install that PI on multiple equipment that will be sent to my customers. So, for the remote access to the GUI, a login and redirection to the correct machine will be needed.

As a PLC programmer, I am pretty new with RPI, winIOT and Visual Studio. So, am I on the right path? If it is, which are the best option to develop my GUI with all the possibilities above?

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