I am currently working in android studio. I came across a problem where my application inside android emulator needs to get some information(like string msg, or integer etc) through an external tool(tool may be any technology C#, etc).

So is it possible for me to get some information/message from external c# tool.?

if yes, please provide me the solution.


The easiest way to initiate communication from the Android emulator is to issue an HTTP(S) request. On a lower level, a TCP connection via sockets will work as well.

That means the C# tool needs to listen to those calls. It might already be able to (for example, if it's an ASP.NET application); otherwise, it'll need to implement something like an HttpListener or a Socket; MSDN has some fine examples on that. There is no simple framework or library to do this; you'll need to do some programming as well.

If you don't control the external tool, this will be difficult, but then it's simply a too broad question to be answered.

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