I use an older Android device (running KitKat) to play looping peaceful sounds in the background. The actual app I often use is called "Water & Gong ~ Relaxing sounds: sleep & meditation".

I've noticed that occasionally (perhaps 5 times in a 24 hour period), the sound will glitch (short break in the sound, of 1 second or less). This is not due to the looping of the sound, as it is inconsistent and the time duration between glitches is much greater than the loop length.

The device is rooted, and I use Greenify to sleep any apps that historically have woken up the device.

There are only 2 possibilities that I can think of:

  1. There is a bug in the app
  2. Android gets busy (doing garbage collection or something) and temporarily interrupts the sound.

I'm betting it's #2.

Please recommend an Android app that will help me diagnose what is interrupting the sound. Since I'm not looking at the device when it happens (and the screen is off), the app will have to keep logs that can be viewed after the event occurs.

I'm looking for gratis tools that will show me stats like memory use over time, CPU use over time, apps running over time, and device wakeups over time.

The key feature is that I need to be able to view the logs hours later to help me determine what may have caused the glitch.

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