I am interested in learning Python, I have downloaded and tried 3 different text editors/IDE’s and have started the python.org tutorial but keep running up against the input function and can’t seem to find a Text Editor or IDE that has the input function built in. I’ve done a fair amount of reading and research and can’t find what I’m looking for (this can’t be the only time a beginner has ran into this problem but I can’t find it in the search function). I abandoned Thonny due to all the built in magic (in addition many people suggest not using Thonny because in the long run it isn’t usable). I started getting involved with ST3 but realized that the input function wasn’t supported. In addition, packages are rough to install/find since I know very little about the software. I tried to install PyCharm 2019.1 but they don’t support a win 7 32 bit machine. Does anyone have a fully functional out of the package IDE/text editor that is turn key for new Python users who just want to learn the language and all of its functions?

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