I would like bash/sh debugger tool, in CLI or GUI that:

  • shows variables in use.
  • show line of the code in execution
  • allow breakpoints
  • For unix systems

Some options I tried without success:

  • /bin/bash -x
  • ddd - is dead and doesn't work properly
  • Visualstudio - for windows
  • shellcheck - excellent tool for check code, but not for debug.
  • How to debug a bash script? – Alex Apr 1 at 22:23
  • 1
    I saw that post and tryed all of options there. None of them have what I want (maybe eclipse, that I tryied but couldn't make it work). All of them are good tools for debugging but not with the features that I listed. Resuming, I want to know if there is a tool like pycharm for debug. – Octavius Apr 2 at 0:45
  • 1
    the vscode one (not visual studio) seems to have the features you're looking for, step by step interactive debugging and variables values (there) – Alex Apr 2 at 8:04
  • @Alex Thanks! Is exactly what I was looking for! Please, can you put this comment as an answer? Then I can choose you answer. – Octavius Apr 2 at 15:07

Try Visual Studio Code with the Bash Debug extension

Visual Studio Code with the Bash Debug extension in action

I have used it just once or twice yet, so I can't say much about how well it works, but it ticks all your boxes.

  • Shows used variables in the side pane
  • Highlights currently executed line
  • Supports breakpoints
  • Runs on Mac and Linux

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