I'm currently looking for a Point of Sales software to plug in with our Magento website. Currently we use Hiboutik, but the connector is not so good and the API does not allow us to handle all the entities we can create inside it (like gift card accounts). This software is a good reference, but it is still a very young technology and lacks many functionalities.
Here are our requirements :

  • compliance with EU laws (RGPD)
  • completely API-ready
  • if possible, a web interface (so we can use the software as well on PC as tablets)
  • if possible also, existing Magento connector
  • advanced functionalities, like gift card accounts, discount campaigns, mail sending, client profiles and such

The whole goal is to pilot the software and the campains of our physical shop from our e-shop, with CRONs, scripts, and to centralize stock and orders data on our e-shop.

We already looked into those software, which didn't satisfy our needs :

  • Fastmag
  • Lineosoft
  • Please tell us exactly what you did not like in Fastmag and Lineosoft, so that we know better what you want, thanks!
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Apr 16 '19 at 7:02

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