I started a project with Python + OpenCV and Tkinter GUI framework, it has to do two tasks :

  1. Capture live stream with Webcam and show it in the GUI. For the GUI I chose Tkinter package but it can be any other(QT, wxPython, Kivy)
  2. Starting video record with a GUI button while live stream continues.

It is easy and straightforward to accomplish Live stream and Video record in Opencv and Python. But when it comes to do samething in tkinter GUI window, when I start video record, livestream freeze. I have tried threading also. I need to start video record with a button, not press key. While live stream continues, if I try to capture an image from live stream it works and save the image in folder. But when I try to write frames with XVID codec as avi. video file, it creates video file but it is 6kb , and does not even open(unsupported video type)

What is the best GUI for Live stream and video recording for python applications ? Should I stick to opencv for Live stream and video record or Is there any other libraries? (I dont need any detection and image processing. I just need live stream and video recording.)

Thank you.

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