I have approximately 1500 .msg files in my system, but now I'm not using Outlook as my email client and want to convert all .msg files into PDF format, because PDF is very easy to use and I can access that anywhere, any-time. Is there any software which can import my .msg file into PDF without destroying them?


THE one tool I use for such cases is MSGConvert:

  • it converts .msg-files into .eml-files.
    this is IMHO even better than just .pdf, because the header is kept and you can still create .pdfs or anything else you want.
  • it is a pretty straight forward command line tool and can therefore easily be used for batch converting, scripting etc.
  • it does not need an installed version of MS Outlook.
  • it just needs Perl as dependency and is therefore cross platform available.
  • it does not destroy anything because the original files are only read.
  • it may not convert the .msg-files completely perfect, but hardly any tool (I tested) does. - thank you Microsoft!
    disclaimer: if your life depends on these e-mails, I would keep the original files anyways (no matter what tool you use), because they are called "original" for a reason. - especially when converting complex proprietary binary formats (like .msg) you should consider it as lossy.
    e.g. I don't know how TNEF-attachments are handled and I have no idea if/how such messages can be identified.
  • it is FOSS (free as in beer and speech) and therefore can be improved and extended by everyone: https://github.com/mvz/email-outlook-message-perl
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I can recommend the free Convert MSG to PDF utility developed by my company. It automatically converts all MSG files in the selected folder to Adobe PDF documents.

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