I recently transferred from an old laptop to a new laptop, and I was reminded in the process how much of a hassle it is to keep Git repositories clean. I have around fifty Git repos on the old laptop.

I need to copy all my repos to the new laptop, and these various projects will have:

  • code in progress that was not committed
  • branch commits that were not pushed
  • stashes that were not unstashed
  • non-mainline branches that were not merged
  • non-mainline branches that were not deleted

It'd be great to have a piece of software that lists all repos on a computer and it provides this information. It would:

  • be notified of a parent folder in which all the repositories can be found
  • find all repos within that folder
  • periodically scan those repos for changes
  • display the information I listed above in a grid
  • work on any desktop operating system (I use Linux Mint)
  • be open source

Ideally it would present the oldest lingering code/branches in a taskbar widget or periodic desktop notifications, so that users are encouraged to prune and care for their repos regularly.

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