Find a new ETL tool that shall replace Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

- Open source, or free to use. No trial.
- User-friendly.

- I use different databases that is SQL server and postgreSQL to make some transaction.
- I need to make some data transaction between SQL server to PostgreSQL.


You can use Talend ETL:

  • free and open source. It was actually the first major open source ETL, founded in 2005.
  • supports all major DBMSs like PostgreSQL, SQL server and so on.
  • last time I use it a few years ago I and a few other friends who had tried found it pretty user-friendly (but it might be a bit biased as at that time I was in France and Talend was created by a bunch of French people):

enter image description here

Talend is the first open source solution in this ranking:

enter image description here

  • I have extensive experience in SSIS & based on my knowledge Talend is a tough competitor with a lot of feature. My upvote. Dec 10 '17 at 15:17

You can use Pentaho:

  • free and open source
  • supports all major DBMSs like PostgreSQL, SQL server and so on (even NoSQL databases).
  • when I was reviewing ETL open source solutions a few years ago it was the most mentioned one along with Talend.
  • UI pretty similar to Talend (Spoon is the design interface for building ETL jobs):

enter image description here

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