I currently help run a large (14k+) Yahoo! group and the general consensus is that yahoo is simply becoming too much to put up with. However rather than just switching to yet another group like Google Groups -

I would like to just find some sort of discussion list software and use that in conjunction with the groups website (Currently built using Joomla!, though I don't mind rebuilding it if needed). Oh - I am using A Small Orange as my web host, they are not particularly restrictive on what you can run within reason, but it is not a dedicated server - though I may upgrade to that at some point.

Anyway - suggestions for replacing Yahoo! Groups greatly appreciated.

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Joomla has a robust message board module called Kunena. You can read a lot about the module on the Kunena homepage as well.

Kunena can mimic a listserv reasonably well if that's the primary goal. Users can be manually or automatically "subscribed" to certain posts or entire topics. Once subscribed, users will get pinged with e-mails when there is new activity. This auto-subscription extension for Kunena might give you some ideas.


Our local club also has used Yahoo Groups for many years.

We have made the switch to Mailster three years ago, which is a discussion list plugin for Joomla. That allows for the two-communication over email.

There is also a WordPress version, called WP Mailster, available.

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