I'm trying to use the Spring Security SAML DSL wrapper for configuring the SAML Service Provider using the actual Spring Security SAML library to leverage the easy to use Java based configuration instead of traditional XML based config.

Some information that I have gathered:

Based on the link below, it looks like the DSL library works with only specific SAML library versions. For eg. Security SAML DSL 1.0.5.RELEASE works with Spring Security SAML 1.0.4.RELEASE version. Please see https://spring.io/blog/2018/03/26/spring-security-saml-dsl-1-0-5-release

We want to use the latest 2.0.0.X version of Spring Security SAML library, which seems to be incompatible with the DSL library.

Github link to the DSL library is:



Github link to latest milestone repositories of Spring Security SAML library is: https://repo.spring.io/milestone/org/springframework/security/extensions/spring-security-saml2-core/

Can you please make a recommendation on

Using DSL library Vs Core library (with XML configuration) Compatibility or work around of using 2.0.0.X version of Spring Security SAML library with the DSL library.

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