I am developing a small Electronic Device which will be ARM Quad-Core based and running Debain. I am using a ARM SoM Module from CubieTech which is similar to Raspberry Pi CM. My device will have a small Touchscreen and some Sensors also with a Camera interfacing. I like to implement TensorFlow based ML as well in future.

Now in terms of the Software I am interested to use Python. But for the GUI framework I am a bit confused which will be best to use. I looked for QT, Kivy, TkInter etc but all this UI not looks modern. I like to have the App UI look and feel something like (or close to) smartwatch quality. Can you recommend which path for GUI framework will be best for use. I found ElectronJs which is modern and can work with Python as well ... but not sure will it be best for my case as my App is not a Desktop actually rather its a small embedded device?

Looking forward your advise. Thanks in advance.


  • but why not PyQt5 ?, in my opinion you can redesign everything because it has the css and html for example wxpython – royer Mar 24 '19 at 22:45
  • Hi. Yes I checked PyQT5 also PySlide. But this not looks so modern UI. Yes may be work on HTML and CSS can give better looks and feel but it should be more work. Hence looking for a modern UI Framework which can be used with Python. – user3125451 Mar 25 '19 at 10:44

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