I need to build a desktop application with GUI in Python. I'm new in Python, so I don't know if it is possible to make my own designs like in HTML with CSS or should I use a library?

What do you recommend?


There a a number of choices available, (with some platform variability).

  • tkinter comes with python by default on most platforms
  • wxPython my personal favorite Free, Windows/OS-X/Linux - permissive licence still free even for commercial use, native look and feel, Open Source.
  • QT via one of several bindings - Complicated licence model (free for Open Source Projects but definitely not for commercial). Note the bindings have their own separate licences but even if you are using permissively licenced bindings the QT licence still applies as well.
  • A large number of other GUI toolkits
  • You can even use pyjs to target both desktop & browser.
  • I will check wxPython, to start is just what I needed. – Royerem Mar 24 at 15:01
  • @Royerem: After running pip install wxPython be sure to run wxDemo from the command line - it gives you a lot of brilliant starting points. – Steve Barnes Mar 25 at 4:55

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