Swipes Personal by www.swipesapp.com is being phased out. Development has stopped and so has syncing.

This app had the following:

(1) iPhone & Android & web-app syncing
(2) It can filter by multiple tags in the mobile app (Evernote can only do this in the desktop app)

enter image description here

Notice how you can select more than one tag and it will give you a list. I have found that Microsoft To Do (formerly Wunderlist) was the closest that I could find but barely fails to implement this feature.

For GTD this is a very important feature. Is there no Android app out there that can do this and syncs with a web app.

The following could not do it:

Evernote mobile, Microsoft To Do, TickTick, Todoist, Trello, Any.do, Remember the Milk,

(3) It is free but I am willing to pay a one time fee for app. I do not want to pay for a subscription.

(4) Most todo list apps only allow a single line (Wunderlist) but Swipes allowed two lines so that I didn't need to rotate my phone in landscape just to see a long task name. This is REALLY important for workflow. I need to see the whole task name. Why don't developers get that!?!?

(5) Moo.do came very close but failed because in one swipe I deleted the entire list and there is no undo. Lists are buried in threads which if you swipe once to the right and accidentally delete, you lose YEARS OF WORK in a single second.

(6) Tags can be emoji / emoticons. This is such a space saver and important thing. I think that wunderlist was not able to do this. I use emoji as tags. I want to continue that. If you are developing todo apps please do not miss this feature!

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