I'm looking for a library offering an std::ostream implemented on top of something other than the operating system's calls. It should be implemented either using C-style printf() commands, or alternatively, over some generic underlying primitives which I could replace.

Required features:

  • Gratis.
  • Libre.

Desired features:

  • Actively maintained.
  • Available under the Apache Public License v2.
  • Available under 3-BSD or 2-BSD.
  • Tested on both Linux and Windows.
  • Some constexpr functionality (yes, I know that' not quite like C++ ostreams)
  • Header-only would be nice.

I think uSTL might fit the bill.

Its ostream implementation appears to be based on c style primitives.


See both here (quote: "Most calls use snprintf for output and thus use whatever locale libc uses") and the source itself, e.g. here , which uses only vsnprintf as far as I can see.

License: It's MIT licensed.

Is it maintained?

Well, the main page says it's obsolete since C++11, but the git repo appears to be alive and well (last commit made a few months ago).

It says it isn't supported on Windows, only on Linux, but there's this repo (uSTL-Windows). It looks abandoned, but it's a start.

It even uses some constexpr functionality, as per your request. Source: this github search.

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