This is about a conference with 100 presenters for 120 sessions. The presenter proposal for it is very basic: 50 word proposal description, 50 word biography, presenter availability, a category and 3 fields that provide a little more unimportant information. I'd ideally like to have a request section e.g. can I have all my presentations on the same day.

Currently presenter submit their proposals by email and replies are by email and the management is all manual.

My goal is to automatically make the presentation schedule and to allow presenter submit updates on their availability but other details on their proposal could be updated too.

My home computer has Window 7 Home Premium but it is ancient. Considering getting a win 10 computer in the future.

https://ltprofessionals.com/etj/2018expos shows links to the output. Presenter input can be by email or web form and is of the content listed above for the presenter proposal. My input is number of rooms, importance of the presentation (how popular it is expected to be) and sessions per day (2 days) and desired streams (same category).

The question (Open Source/ Low Cost) Conference Management Software is about much larger and more complex software then I require.

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    I have edited out a lot of irrelevant text, but your question needs more info: locally installed software (what OS) or web version? Describe what more flexibility for presenter submission and simplify agenda production should mean: what should your input and output processes/materials look like? (Exactly please: terms like flexibility, submission, simplify and production are all vague). Please read this and edit your question. – Jan Doggen Mar 22 at 15:50

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