I have to implement a CRM(-ish) system for a recruitment agency.

I say CRM-ish, because I don't need any finical features.

Basically, for candidates, I want to record their technical skills & contact details, while for companies I want to record the skills they need & contact details.

For both, I want to record notes & last contact time.

I also want to be able to add my own data fields.

I would strongly prefer PHP and MySql.

FOSS, preferably long term stable with a good support base/forums and documentation.

What can you recommend?


Some suggestions:

SuiteCRM is a fork/successor/improvement on the old community version of SugarCRM.

  • You can use it for both contacts (candidates) and companies.

  • You can record notes/calls etc, and hence can record last contact time.

  • You can add fields via its "Studio".

  • It is PHP/MySql based, and Open source.

  • Since it evolved from SugarCRM, it has it's own community, user/developer documentation, etc.

  • It probably has much more than you need. So you may have to hide or disable some of the modules.

The other suggestion is that there are a few drupal-based php/mysql open source options like Redhen, CRM Core, etc. There are also a few recruitment based modules/distributions like Recruiter. But usage/stability for the CRM modules, from my experience, is not as solid as SuiteCRM.

Another one to look at is CiviCRM. It is known for not-for-profit and civic sectors. It is open source, and integrates with CMS like drupal, wordpress, etc. But can be adapted for your needs too. It is also php/mysql open source, and is widely used.


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