Where can I find programs/apps like the person in this Youtube video is using: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKvnmxte98A

I don't even know how they're called so I'm not sure how to search for them.

Basically I need the app to draw electrical circuits, and if possible, be able to use it to write mathematical equations.

I also need to be a free/open source.

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Thank you!

  • Does no one know? – Eran Mar 22 at 9:46
  • For which platform? I've seen people use Microsoft PowerPoint and a pen tablet to make such videos or give lectures. PowerPoint is not free, but according to this answer, Google Slides might launch a similar feature. On tablets, one could use a combination of pdf annotation software with a screen recorder – Tymric Mar 22 at 12:37
  • For Windows, on my laptop. I want such a program so that I can draw electrical circuits so using PowerPoint is not an option. – Eran Mar 22 at 12:57
  • Then I suggest editing the question to include these important details. Otherwise, you would get less relevant answers or the post could be closed for being too broad – Tymric Mar 22 at 13:06
  • Thanks, I'll do that – Eran Mar 22 at 13:09

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