I'm looking for a Windows PDF viewer that allows you to rename a file while it is being viewed.

The software can technically be a PDF viewer or editor; it doesn't matter. All that is important is that it can quickly view a PDF file and allow me to rename it while it is still open.

I've tried the otherwise-excellent PDF-XChange Editor, but it does not currently have this functionality.

I prefer gratis, portable, open-source software, but none are requirements.

The cost must be less than about 10 euros/dollars.

  • I have yet to come across a PDF reader that will not allow you to use Save As. Commented Mar 22, 2019 at 16:12
  • PDF X-Change Editor can now do this
    – Nemo
    Commented Aug 22, 2021 at 14:27

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Sumatra PDF reader appears to have that ability, though I can't find it mentioned in the docs. Open a pdf, hit F2, and a file dialog opens up. Type in the new name and it gets renamed.

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